We at ALL ABOUT ENGLISH not just train you to build a strong foundation for a very strong belief system for success but we give you the right ingredients and help you train your mind to be a strong and successful person.

  • We make you BELIEVE in yourself,

  • We make you DO what it takes,

  • We make you HAVE what you want.

People who consistently win are consciously committed to self-management. They are the most important resource they have in achieving their goals. They actively manage their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. People who succeed don’t just sit and think about what they want to do. They take meaningful, purposeful, directional action consistently and persistently. Every step they take puts them toward the outcome they’re looking for.

Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of behaviours and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment.

A professional career of one’s is like a dream come true Most often modern job market demands are complex and what one has learnt in school/college may not be enough. The employability agenda is a main issue among academia, industry, and policy makers.

For many of us, it is not enough to simply have life as it happens. We find it essential to get the most we can out of life and that is being the best that we can be. We may be coping with life – but are we in control of it?

This course aims to help a person understand and know his / her purpose in life, get a positive thought pattern, gain confidence, improve behaviour, learn better communication and develop a healthy physique.

Topics covered in PD programme

Personality types Character development Personality and career choice Communication skillsUnderstanding cultural differences and communication Generating self-confidence Use of social media Networking skills Time Management How to become successful Opportunity identificationThinking skills / Thought process Successful public speaking and presentations Dealing with difficult people Improve your writing skills.

Behave your way to success.

Your past easily becomes your future because what you fear, you create. If you feel deprived of some experience, or emotion from someone else, give yourself emotional closure. Give yourself what you didn’t get from someone else now. Create what you want out of life. If you want to be loved, be loveable. If you want to get your family interested in your life, get interested in their lives.

You choose your behavior; you chose the consequences.

You are an adult now and you need to take responsibility for your actions. You can’t blame your family anymore. You are old enough to do something about your feelings. Your family can’t take this on. The greatest stress in life is to hold someone else accountable for something they can’t control. The only person you control is you.

Champions get what they want because they know what they want. They have a vision that keeps them motivated and efficiently on track. They see it, feel it, and experience it in their minds and hearts. What is success for you? You won’t get there without knowing what it feels and looks like.

Make a strategy.

People who consistently win have a clear and thoughtful strategy. They know what they need to do and when they need to do it. They write it down so they stay on course and avoid any alternative that does not get them closer to the finish line.