The thought of speaking English is itself daunting and due to lack of proper guidance and high costs involved makes it even more complicated. We, at all about English ensure a strong foundation of English where the training starts from the basic module and reaches the implementation at higher levels.

We Divide The Spoken English Curriculum in 3 Modules

Module 1

Relates to building up the foundation of the student. Hence, grammar is introduced to the student in a very exciting manner where the student will not only learn but will enjoy implementing what he studied. Grammar becomes muscle memory and you never ever get grammar wrong while speaking or writing English.

Module 2

Consists of exercises where the grammar that the student studies would come into implementation. Group discussions, Public Speaking, Extempore and other activities will help you gain confidence. We take student through so much of practice sessions that the students becomes fluent in English as if it was his first language. Special care is given to voice modulation and pronunciation.

Module 3

Deals in developing one’s personality. Session like Time management, Self-confidence and others help in bringing a change in the personality and behavioural aspects. We believe behaviour is integral part of language.